LHS Vision


“To create a more humane and productive relationship among students, teachers and community through the creative and flexible use of time, curriculum and facilities. Our goal is to empower our students to become more successful adults.”


In our efforts to improve La Grande High School, we members of the school’s learning community seek to:
  • promote the well being of every student at LHS 
  • forge mentoring and coaching relationships to help students define important life goals and develop successful strategies for achieving them based on each student’s individual needs
  • design curricula and authentic assessments that will provide all of our students with meaningful, relevant and challenging educational experiences as well as useful feedback
  • implement effective and powerful instructional strategies that are congruent with curricular goals and assessment methods
  • collaborate with the entire learning community in maintaining a productive and dynamic school culture that honors excellence, inquiry, and integrity
  • integrate both the curricular and extra curricular programs at LHS into the local community, making optimum use of community resources and opportunities in the education of our students