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La Grande School District is proud to have a very dedicated staff that is committed to working to provide a well balanced education to help our 21
st century learners be successful in today's challenging environment.

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Additionally, classroom websites can be accessed from this page to see students' homework and class calendars for individual teachers. 

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Staff Member/EmailPositionPhone numberClassroom Web Site
Staff Member/EmailPositionPhone numberClassroom Web Site
Ackerman, Corey Vocational Rehabilitation Coordinator 541-663-3359  
Akers, James Adv. Math Teacher 541-663-3339 Mr. Akers 
Anderes, Paul Agriculture/Science Teacher 541-663-3375  
Balza, Rachel Language Arts Teacher 541-663-3389 Ms. Balza Website 
Baxter, Brett Principal 541-663-3301  
Bowen, Cody School Resource Officer (541) 663-3301  
Burns, Bill Athletic Director 541-663-3305  
Cahill, Kevin English/French Teacher 541-663-3388 Acumen 
Canfield, Leatha Tiger Cage Lab Coordinator   
Carollo, Mark Business Teacher 541-663-3327 Mr. Carollo 
Childs, Julie Library/Media Specialist (541) 663-3404  
Choi, Tina Directed Studies Teacher (Sp. Education) 541-663-3346 Ms. Choi Website 
Des Jardin, Pat Math/Science Teacher 541-663-3349 Mr. Desjardin 
Dowdy, Teresa Guidance Counselor 541-663-3307 Teresa Dowdy 
Durfee, Kevin Choir Teacher 541-663-3380  
Evers, Jakob Woods/Construction/Hospitality & Tourism Teacher   
Galvez, Brandon Science Teacher 541-663-3345  
Hendrickson, Shauna Social Studies/Language Arts 541-663-3387 Mrs. Hendrickson 
Hovekamp, Amanda Adv. Math Teacher 541-663-3341 Mrs. Hovekamp's Website 
Ilg, Steve Manufacturing Teacher 541-663-3368/327  
Kido, Tyler English Teacher 541-663-3386  
Lamoreau, John US History Teacher 541-663-3399 Mr. Lamoreau 
Leavitt, Chris Band Teacher 541-663-3377/378 Mr. Leavitt Website 
Leavitt, Steve Head Custodian  541-910-0677  
Lyman, Linda Attendance Secretary 541-663-3311  
March, Anne Spanish Teacher 541-663-3354 Señora March 
McConnell, Nicole Science 541-663-3348  
Moore, Kristy English Teacher 541-663-3391 Mrs. Moore's Site 
Moran, Tausha Counseling Secretary (541) 663-3383  
O'Reilly, Patty Head & Athletics Secretary 541-663-3301  
Rangel, Sid Spanish Teacher 541-663-3355 Profe Rangel's Website 
Rasmussen, Betty Adv. Math Teacher   
Rice, Stephanie English Teacher 541-663-3402 Mrs. Rice's Website 
Ridder, Peter Science/Futures Teacher 541-663-3343   
Ritchie, Kristie Kitchen Staff 541-663-3384  
Roberts, Jess Math Teacher 541-663-3395 Mr. Robert's Website 
Rohan, Chelsee Guidance Counselor 541-663-3308 Chelsee Rohan 
Rubrecht, Michael Options Program Teacher (541) 663-3672  
Schelin, Shannon Fiscal Secretary 541-663-3302  
Schireman, Mike Art Teacher 541-663-3382  
Scott, Brita PE/Health Teacher 541-663-3335 Mrs. Scott @ LHS 
Shannon, Harold Adv. Math Teacher 541-663-3398  
Sheehy, Meleah Registrar 541-663-3310  
Smith, Brett Vice Principal 541-663-3301  
Steyaert, Debra Directed Studies Teacher (Special Education) 541-663-3672  
Waldrop, Bill PE Teacher 541-663-3324 Mr. Waldrop 
Walker, Mary SLC Teacher (Sp. Education) 541-663-3352  
White, Josh Social Studies Teacher / Student Council Advisor 541-663-3379 Mr. White 
Whitnah, Angela GED & Study Lab Coordinator 541-663-3332  
Williams, Cindy SBHC  541-663-3331  
Wolcott, Matt PE/Health Teacher 541-663-3364/326 Mr. Wolcott 
Wright, Jesse Social Studies Teacher 541-663-3396 Mr. Wright's Website 
Wright, Lezlie Career Center 541-663-3397  
Wright, Wade Science Teacher 541-663-3347  
Yeates, Sandee Guidance Counselor (541) 663-3301  
Showing 55 items