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We are excited to publish the district's new website. Our goal is to provide a website that is user friendly and contains relevant information for parents and our community.

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We are excited to get going for the 2018-2019 school year!  This page will be updated with the latest news and events at LHS

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New Tardy and Lunch Detention procedures. Please see the letter below.

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Tardy System and Lunch Detention update:

Dear Parent/Guardian,


Our school has Partnered with Student Conductor in the implementation of a new, more effective tardy processing system. Here are the things that you need to know.

  • There is a tardy check-in station located in the main office.
    • When tardy, the student will use the tardy check-in kiosk to get a pass to class.


  • Every time a student is tardy, an email is sent to a parent/guardian notifying them that the student was tardy. Any discipline assigned will also be notified to the parent/guardian.


  • If a discipline is being assigned for the student being tardy then the student must serve the discipline by the appointed time. Failure to do so may result in an escalation of discipline. This system allows your principals, coaches, sponsors, counselors, and parents to easily track what disciplines have been served thereby increasing accountability.
    • In accordance with the student handbook, student receive written warnings on the first 2 tardies, lunch detention on tardies 3-10, and an office referral for tardies 11+.


  • The process is simple when a student is tardy.
    • Scan or type the Student ID into the Check-In Tardy Station.
    • The student takes the tardy receipt and reads the discipline that has been assigned for being tardy.
    • The student reports to class and shows the tardy receipt to their teachers as a pass to class.
    • The student then serves the assigned discipline


Consequences of tardiness can be avoided by students showing up on time for class. We look forward to increasing our instructional time for our students by helping them be in the class on time. Every day and every minute counts when it comes to our student’s education. We thank you for your support as we embark on this change.





Brett Baxter

Principal La Grande High School