Union County Sheriff Press Release

PRESS RELEASE   09-07-19

For immediate release

On Friday 09/06/19 at 9:30 PM during the La Grande High school Football game at Community Stadium, law enforcement received a report of a male subject at the game who was allegedly wearing a bullet proof vest, and carrying a hand gun tucked inside his jacket.

Multiple law enforcement agencies immediately responded to Community Stadium to aid and assist in locating the alleged suspect and to insure the safety of all attending.

The suspect was identified and quickly located at his home in rural Union County. The subject cooperated fully with law enforcement from start to finish.  The alleged bullet proof vest was in fact a sweatshirt that resembled a bullet proof vest and the “firearm” turned out to be a pocket tool in a black case.  The subject admitted he intended to represent the tool as a handgun in an effort to impress his friends. At the conclusion of the investigation it was found that no legitimate threat was posed to citizens.

The Union County Sheriff’s Office was assisted in the response and investigation by the Oregon State Police, La Grande Police, La Grande School District officials, and off-duty officers from several jurisdictions.

Authority:  School Resource Deputy Cody Bowen

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