Department Feature- CTE

Welcome to the LHS CTE Program!

Student Testimonials


Meet the Staff: Steve Ilg- Welding, Digital Design, Yearbook

Staff picture Steve Ilg

My name is Steve Ilg, this is my 31st year of teaching CTE classes. I have instructed in the areas of Industrial Mechanics, Technology Education, Welding, Digital Design (CAD), Marketing, and General Business over the past. Also was a Special Vehicle Mechanic in the USAF, 4 years active duty and 6 years reserves. I currently teach Welding, Digital Design, and Yearbook at LHS. When I first came to LHS six years ago I started by teaching welding, computer applications and yearbook. I am a firm believer that the CTE program helps fill the skills gap that has been developed by the reduction of these style of classes in the public school system and the emphasis that in the past was mainly centered on entry into upper level college programs. It also helps the students that are more interested in hands on types of occupations and provides them an opportunity to experience these programs before leaving high school.




Meet the Staff: Katie Wood- Agricultural Sciences, Natural Resources

Staff Picture Katie WoodHi, I'm Katie Wood, the Agricultural Sciences/Natural Resources teacher and FFA Advisor at LHS. Our CTE programs are incredibly important to our school because they provide students with real-world, hands-on learning experiences that will benefit them after high school no matter what avenue they choose to follow. The skills students take with them after completion of our Ag CTE & FFA program include: punctuality, leadership, teamwork, technical skills, reading/writing/math in real world contexts, animal nutrition & care, production agriculture knowledge, home gardening & nutrition, natural resources & forestry skills, are all knowledge and skills that our students will need to be successful and contributing citizens.





Meet the Staff: Mark Carollo- Accounting, Business, Personal Finance, FBLA

Staff picture Mark CarolloMy name is Mark Carollo, this is my 9th year teaching CTE classes, all at La Grande High School. I teach Business, Accounting, Personal Finance, Marketing, Introduction to Business, Business Law, FBLA Principles and Procedures, and Multimedia. I find that the CTE program broadens the students horizon from the core curriculum and introduces them to new subjects and trades that a lot of them have no prior knowledge about. It also provides the students an opportunity to try new things and possibly find a career path of interest.







Meet the Staff: Wade Wright- Principles of Biomedical Science, Human Body Systems, and Medical Interventions

Staff picture Wade Wright My name is Wade Wright, this is my 3rd year teaching the Biomedical Classes and my 22nd year teaching Science. I currently teach any of the three classes in the Biomedical pathway; Principles of Biomedical Science, Human Body Systems, and Medical Interventions. In addition to these classes I also teach Advanced Biology. These classes are not only for students with and interest in science, they are a great series of classes that help students decide if a career in the medical field is something that interests them. The classes are intensive lab classes with a lot of opportunity for hands on learning.




Meet the Staff: Jakob Evers- Culinary, Construction and Wood Shop

staff picture jakob eversMy name is Jakob Evers and I am the Culinary, Construction and Wood Shop teacher at La Grande High School. I have state certifications to teach culinary, hospitality and tourism, manufacturing and business classes at the high school level along with work related experience. CTE courses provide students with skills that can pertain to numerous aspects of their lives. These various subjects can prepare a student to enter the work force, be successful at a trade school, excel at the collegiate level or even help with day-to-day tasks. Students are able to work in a more hands-on environment within these types of courses. For most students, this is the appeal for most classes in the program.