OSEA Education Professionals Lead the Way!

March 6-10, 2023 is Classified School Employees Week!

When you get a moment today please thank our custodial and maintenance staff who keep our schools and facilities up as well as warm, safe, dry, safe and presentable.

 Reach out to our cooks and food service staff that freshly cook, bake, or create healthy breakfast, lunch, and salad bar options.  They serve our students with a smile and keep us moving forward with good nutrition.

 Let our educational assistants/para professionals know how much they mean to you! They take care of our classrooms, small group and individualized learning, supervision of school crossings, cafeteria, playgrounds, and much more.  They provide significant care, learning, and safety for our students each day. 

 A big thank you to our registrars, attendance clerks, school financial officers, district specialist and many other support staff that keep us operating and moving forward with building and school district operations.

 One last shout out to all secretaries and office staff that are the front line in our communication, organization, and relationships with our community and families!  You take care of the teachers, administrators, students, and all other staff. Your problem solving skills keep us from getting lost.  Your support is what often makes the difference between a good day or bad day for our students, staff, and families as well.

 So…Many thanks to our wonderful classified employees that help us educate students to ensure a better future for our community, state, and country!  Your work matters every day and we appreciate you!