Return To In-Person: Need To Know

All high school students will be coming back on an A/B schedule. Students whose last names start with letters A through K will begin classes on Wednesday, Jan 27 at 9 am and attend in person every other day following. Students with last names L through Z will show up on Thursday, Jan 28 at 9 am and attend every other day following. Please see the A/B rotation schedule linked below for specific dates. Please do not send your student to school before 8:50 am, when our doors will open, and if they are not feeling well, keep them home. After their first day of in-person learning, students will be provided work to complete on the alternate day when they remain at home during school hours. Students will be given the option to grab breakfast when they arrive to eat in the first ten minutes of their first-period class. A grab and go lunch will also be offered to students upon release at 1:25 pm. Students may opt to take the lunch home, or if they ride the bus, they will be given time to eat lunch at school. These meals are free. Students need to bring school materials in a backpack. Students will need to bring a Chromebook, charger, pencils or pens, and paper to school. 

Full A/B Rotation Schedule:

Visit the following page for more information:

In-Person Daily Schedule

Do you know which door your student needs to enter through? Your student's 1st-period teacher or 5th-period teacher (depending on the week) will determine which door your student needs to enter through. Please see the picture below. Click on the picture for a pdf version.