Photo of long counter and counter chairs in LHS library

La Grande High School Spotlight

December 2, 2021

Maneuvering a 24-foot long, 260-pound wooden countertop around La Grande High School is probably not written down in the LHS Advanced Woods’ curriculum. But on Thursday, December 2,  the 10 students in the class did just that. First, there was discussion led by their teacher, Darren Hendrickson, about which route to take from the wood shop to the Media Center, including logistical conversations about doorways and turning radius. Then the students hefted it up and started their circuitous route. 

The class recently constructed the new counter for the school’s Media Center. LHS Senior Brandon Rynearson is in the Construction Class and said they have been working on the countertop for about two weeks. After building it they put a light wood-looking Formica on the top.

The counter will serve as a new gathering space for LHS students, complete with a long row of new wooden chairs of bar height. There will be a handy power strip so students can sit there and charge their phones or Chromebooks. When it was done, Rynearson said, “It’s rewarding to see our hard work pay off.”

Library Clerk Julie Childs said she is excited about how the new counter looks, part of a new theme in the Media Center to lighten things up and create more comfortable spaces where students can enjoy a warm, safe and quiet place to study.